We run poetry of any length. We publish shorter poetry in groups of at least three. Very long poems (including long poems that are divided into multiple sections) will be published as standalone works.

Submit one very long poem as a single work, in one file. 

Submit at least three shorter-length poems in one file. Submissions of less than three shorter poems will not be considered, and will be returned to the submitter. 

We will consider work that has appeared in print if it does not appear on the print magazine's website or online archive.

We welcome simultaneous submissions. Please let us know if all or part of the submission has been accepted elsewhere. If the original submission contains three or more shorter poems, and if one or more works from the submission are accepted elsewhere, please withdraw the submission if it contains fewer than three works to be considered. 

Our response time is about two weeks to three months. Ask us at any time about the status of your submission.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.